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  • Gift Guide; Valentines Day Gifts

    Let's be honest - He needs direction! When he's asking you if you want anything for Valentines, just send him to us! We'll sort him out.

    1. Loose Leaf Tea by Informal Tea
    2. Beautiful hand crafted silver jewellery by Priscilla Hunter
    3. iPhone Cases made by Jam Handmade (That's us!)

    4. Matching pillow sets by The Art Room

    5. Valentines Flower Crown made by Jam Handmade (again, that's us!)

    6. Ever After A4 Print by Foundry

  • Gift Guide; Valentines Cards

    We are pretty famous around these parts for our cards! No need to go to your local supermarket and get a hallmark card with a soft-focus flower and some crappy poem - come to us! 

    From left to right;

    'Hottie' card by iDear Paper Goods
    'You Are Deer To Me' by Mirabel Oliver
    'Allsorts' card by iDear Paper Goods
    'Cheese To My Cracker' card by iDear Paper Goods
    'Paperplane' card by Thursdays Child
    'Home Is Wherever I'm With You' card by Papermint 
    'I Love You A Lot' by Thursdays Child
    'You're The Apple To My Eye' by Papermint

  • Gift Guide; Beach Babe

    We all know and love a Surfer Girl, this one goes out to them!

    1. Fleuro Picture Frames by NZ Aromatherapy Company
    2. Selma Beach Bag by Go Ask Alice
    3. Cloud Key Hook by Sum;D
    4. Daisy Full Flower Crown by Jam Handmade (US!)
    5. Pineapple Print by Toodles Noodles
    6. No Dice Sunscreen by Triumph and Disaster
    7. Ice Cream Earrings by Sum;D
    8. Hula Girl Screen-printed Card by Supercrafti

  • Gift Guide; For The Cute One

    Our shop is pretty cutsie, we gotta admit! So, if you're struggling with what to buy for your animal-lovin', tea-drinkin', cross-stitchin' loved one, here's a wee list of cool things they would like!

    1. Doggy Wreath Wall Decal
    2. Red Babushka Necklace by Craft Me Up
    3. Bunny Brooch by JHD
    4. Wishlist Notepad by Ragdoll Illustrations
    5. Oil Cloth Lunch Bag by Craft Me Up
    6. Large Ceramic Cup by Porcelain Rove
    7. Peach and Sweet Persimmon Candle by NZ Aromatherapy Company
    8. Washi Tape by Old Mill Road
    9. Laser Cut Doiley Clock by JHD


  • Gift Guide; Domestic Goddess

    We all have one in our life; Domestic Goddess' make everything better whether it's with a yummy baked delight or by helping us reorganize our life! This gift guide is for those special people in our lives.

    1. Hungry and Frozen by Laura Vincent
    2. Treats by Little and Friday
    3. Celebrations by Little and Friday
    4. Kitchen Memo Notes by Old Mill Road
    5. DIY Embroidery Kits by Ruby In The Dust
    6. Looseleaf Tea by Informal Tea
    7. Chef's Diffuser (deodorizer for the kitchen!) by The Aromatherapy Company
    8. Chalkboard Adhesive Labels by Old Mill Road
    9. Eat Well and Travel Often tote by Toodles Noodles


  • Gift Guide: For Him

    Hi there friends!

    So here's a funny story.. Out of the two and a half years that we have been open, it wasn't until earlier this year that we fully realized that you would classify us a gift store! I mean, we always knew that people bought gifts from us, but we had never really connected the dots. Isn't that strange? I suppose when you are so close to a project you don't often take a step back to see what it looks like to others.

    Any-who, we have put together some collections for you while we are in a mad-birthday season, and are coming up to thee busy season with Christmas! Keep updated for these gift guides as we will do this on the regular fo' ya! As well as that our front page of our online shop is updated every month with our newest products!

    So, todays gift guide is 'For Him' because, let's be honest, they are the hardest to buy for!


    1. Travel Kit by Triumph and Disaster 
    2. God Jocks by Munro Clothing (available in store only)
    3. Fox Badge by Sensitive Boyfriend
    4. MR Pillowcase Set by The Art Room (available as Mr and Mrs or Mr and Mr)
    5. Cufflinks by Treehorn (available in store only)
    6. Get Shit Done Notebook by MiGoals 
    7. Brontosaurus 3D Puzzle by Dodo 
    8. Leather iPad Case by Elisabeth Kwan

    And here's a week tip, for this week only we have free shipping and wrapping of purchases over $50 on our online store! I'd get onto that! Just insert the phrase FreeChristmas in the checkout to redeem that gift from us to you!

    Until next time,

    Stay Classy